my city..

Welcome to my city.. 
Fasten your seat belts all tight and right.. 
Well the chances for the high tides are uptight.. 
Don't be afraid with the millions swarming.. 
The piles are high and rivers drowning.. 

Questioning my identity with every greet.. 
When did we resort to such a greed..? 
Thieves they say when all is night.. 
Wondering where is that tiny light.. 

Sing a song before the siren creeps.. 
Learning to dance in the crowded streets.. 
How many lives.. will they ever believe? 
Growing fear.. when were we free..?


Endless just endless..
What this constant craving always gave me..

The balance in a circle..
Or the sphere of my life..

Infinite my dreams..
Those constants of reality..

For reasons no apt..
We still wish to adapt.. 

Fools they assume..
Freedom from whom?
What's even left to defend..

Crippled by self existence..
Endless scrolling into nothingness..

the unexplained desire…

do i know you, i think really i do..

well the question is how well, a 4X4 pic.. a name is all i know..

should i follow you, may be i shouldn’t..

but am i missing something here..

why’s there a swarm, chasing you..

wish i knew the answers.. but will i ever do..

i chase.. but why? 

is there an explanation.. ?

a post to explain the bewilderness..

may be at a point in time.. 

will i catch it.. or will it be lost..

if i never see it.. will it still make sense.. 

wish i knew the answers.. but will i ever do..

unsay the dream..

It was rainy, and as usual traffic was unrealistically high in Pune.. All a mind wants is a reason to wander.. Thinking about the differences in life and the senseless chase..


we wish for a change to come but wishing is all we have done..  watching the rain.. watching the cold.. spring summers..  the autumn has come..  
but it’s with you my dear i see my sun.. 
beginning my day the world has been set free.. turning sensitive to insensitive, sense to no sense is all they plea..  waiting for these monotonous voices to fall into silence.. 
using chemicals to calm down the violence.. 
It wasn’t so easy to fell a prey.. 
21st century religion and faith to betray..