Let’s imagine you were going through a rough time in life (could be a loss of a loved one, a failed relationship, a missed job opportunity). It’s been quite sometime now, nothing seems to be working.. 

You’re frustrated.. depressed.. you think people are not the same anymore.. You have a different perspective for every little thing in life.. You get hurt by a common argument.. The world is you’r enemy..

Now let’s say it was all a dream.. Life is still where you left it.. (it’s not completely true but let’s assume it is for now). Even though you were dreaming but your consciousness got updated somehow (entanglement might be but let’s not make assumptions here). With this new experience now your reflexes are slow as are your words. Many things that interested you before now seems senseless.. Now you’re not part of the game instead you are an observer. You don’t judge things or people they appear to be correct in their domains. You analyze the process and notes what went and why. There is no wrong or right. There is no winner, no loser.. Everything is a chance, a chance where you choose to be part of that observed reality. Now you don’t pursue the visible. Your imagination is unbounded. You are free. 


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